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What is ROFR, and why is it a good thing?

November 1, 2018

ROFR stands for Right of First Refusal. Disney has the right to review every contract that is sold on the resale market. After a buyer and seller agree to the terms of the deal, and both parties sign the necessary paperwork. Disney has 30 days to look at the agreement and decide if they want to repurchase it, themselves, at the agreed upon price.

Buyers may occasionally see this period as a painful delay. They are however excited about the opportunity to become Members of the Disney Vacation Club. Thus they naturally, want to close as quickly as possible so that they can begin planning their next vacation!
Sellers, however, see this process a bit differently. First, they have a buyer….yay! They may not like the delay in closing, but the seller receives a check for the same amount, whether that buyer is a family from New Jersey or DVC.
The best part of Disney’s right of first refusal for ALL Disney Vacation Club members is that it keeps the value of their membership high. Traditional “timeshare” sells for pennies on the dollar on the resale market. But for those who have enjoyed many years of great vacations with DVC then decide to sell, they often are surprised at the value of their points. And it’s a pleasant surprise.

Right of First Refusal