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DVC Resale Value Calculator

With over 25 years of experience selling memberships for the Disney Vacation Club, our team has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in the sale of your membership. Hundreds of buyers visit our site every day, looking for the right contract for their family.

Our Resale Value Calculator is an invaluable tool for sellers. Just input the information requested and you’ll see a recommended price range for your contract. Keep in mind, this is only a tool. The price is entirely up to you! Also, at any time you may log in to your account to adjust the price, or remove the listing entirely.
Typically, 80% of our listings sell within 3-4 weeks. Much of what determines if a contract sells quickly is not just the price, but the number of points currently available and the demand for a particular Home Resort.

We are a DVC only resale company. You pay us only when we close your transaction. All money that changes hands goes through our title company. Please check out our Testimonial page to read what others have to say about DVC Sales!


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