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Are you ready to sell your Disney Vacation Club membership? If your needs have changed and you’re interested in selling your membership, you can count on us to get your contract sold. We’ll list your DVC membership and help you find the perfect buyer so you can get the most out of your membership.

To start, use our DVC Resale Value Calculator to determine the value of your membership. There are many different factors taken into consideration when finding the estimated value of a membership. Thus o provide you with an accurate estimate of the worth of contract; It’s essential that you take a moment to fill in the information on the calculator.

The calculator considers several factors. First, the value of your contract will not be the same if you have 25 years remaining in the life of the contract verse a membership that has 45 years left. Another vital factor is the number of points that are currently available for last year, this year, and next year.

With the help of DVC Sales, you can sell your Disney Vacation Club membership quickly and easily. We also offer online real-time chat to help you with the process. To learn more about selling your membership, visit the FAQ’s for sellers section on the website to start. These are questions that other membership sellers have asked in the past. This section offers useful answers to the most commonly asked questions.

DVC Sales does not charge any upfront fees to sell memberships. We work hard to market and sell contracts for members and only paid after the deal has closed. Closing costs are usually paid for by the buyer of the DVC contract. Most contracts sell within 30-45 days, depending on the resort, the number of points currently available, and of course, the price!

Sellers appreciate that we process contact very speedily. Once a contract has been signed, and the deposit received, closing will typically take between 60-65 days. We’ll keep you informed along the way so you won’t have to guess what’s happening. Disney must approve all paperwork. They usually take up to 30 days to decide if they will purchase back the membership for the agreed upon price, or allow the sale to go through. The process is Disney’s ROFR or Right of First Refusal. Rest assured this will not have any bearing on your transaction as you will still receive the agreed upon price.

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