What is DVC Membership Worth?

Are you considering selling your Disney Vacation Club membership but you have questions and you’re just not sure how to get started? You may be asking “What is this DVC membership worth?” Here at DVC Sales, we have the answers to those questions and more. Our team has over 25 years of experience selling directly for the Disney Vacation Club, and as former guides, we have answers for all your queries regarding DVC membership worth. We’ve helped thousands of families and would love to help you, too!

One of the most important tools on our website is our Resale Value Calculator. By entering a few pieces of information, such as Home resort, number of points on your contract, and the number of points currently available for use, within just a few minutes, you will be able to see what your membership is worth on the resale market. This calculator is strictly a resource for you to use as a guide. It’s entirely up to you to determine the asking price for your contract.

In order to list your membership for sale, you’ll need to Create an Account and register with us. We will confirm the number of points currently available with Disney, and that’s it! It typically takes 30-45 days to sell most contracts, depending on the home resort, and number of points available in the account. Also, the contract should have a realistic resale price in order to sell quickly.

For additional information, just click on our FAQ’s for Sellers. There you’ll find step by step instructions on selling your DVC membership.
It has never been easier to sell your Disney Vacation Club membership. The resale market is full of buyers looking for the right contract for their family.

Please contact us at (844)382-7253 for more information, or click on our ‘live-chat’ feature at the bottom of your screen. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

DVC membership worth