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How Long Will it Take to Sell?

Most of our inventory sells within 30 days, but there are several factors that determine how quickly a membership sells:

  • Home Resort

There is more demand for certain DVC Resorts than others.  Staying on the monorail is desirable and often a difficult reservation to book unless you own at one of those Resorts. Also, some Disney Vacation Club properties are quite large- Animal Kingdom, for example, has nearly 800 rooms, and the Beach Club has only 200.  It's more difficult to get a reservation at some of the smaller resorts unless you own there. The expiration date for a Resort can vary by as many as 25 years- this is definitely a factor for buyers to consider.

  • Current Availability of Points

The number of points currently available on a contract is important. When a buyer decides to purchase a DVC membership, they are searching for not only a good price but also a contract with a lot of points currently available.

  • Number of Points on the Contract

Smaller contracts often sell faster and for a higher price per point.  Larger memberships can take a bit longer to sell as there are not as many buyers who can afford the higher purchase price.

  • Purchase Price

Naturally, price matters! When pricing your membership, be sure to check out our DVC Resale Value Calculator as well as our Listing page to see how much others are asking for similar contracts.