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How do I buy DVC Resale?

October 4, 2019

The Disney Vacation Club is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation ownership with Disney using a points-based program. Disney is well known for its unique experiences. It provides family vacation schemes with savings and flexibility, along with thousands of other vacation destinations across the globe. 

Numerous holidaymakers include vacation ownership for their next trip to Disney are aware of the incredible saving while purchasing a  DVC Membership from the DVC Resale Market. DVC resales are some of the best values in timesharing today, but the fact is that many prospective buyers don’t know about them.

What is a DVC Resale?

A DVC resale defines when you purchase a DVC contract from a person who owns it, but not directly from the DVC. Resale DVC provides a golden opportunity to become a DVC member. Once you are confirmed to become its member, the next decision is how to buy it – resale or direct from Disney. 

How do DVC Resales exist?

Resales exist for people like you. Suppose you went to Disney and bought a DVC property and later on you realized that you couldn’t keep this property because you come to know that big expensive bill is coming unexpectedly. During this scenario, your first thought may be to contact Disney because the sales guide was saying something about “Right of First Refusal.” However, Disney will not repurchase your contract necessarily. They only hold the Right to review any sale and buy it themselves if they want, which does not happen most of the time. You need to tell them that you will sell your property on your own or you will contact a broker who has specialized in this sector. This person will definitely help you to find out the Top DVC Resale market for your property.

How much is it safe to buy a DVC resale?

It is safe when buying from DVC Sales. The vacation club ownership can be sold by someone who has a real estate license or an individual owner. Thus, DVC sales community will verify the integrity of the listings they advertise and will  alsocheck your system throughout the process to ensure that the buyer gets the property they have agreed to buy.

 How do I buy a DVC Resale?

Once you have made your mind that you are ready to proceed.Our agent will go through all the costs involved, discuss your bottom line for the purchasing process and email the contract for execution. You can print, sign, and return the commitment to the broker, then forward the initial deposit to the company for the handling charges. The closing company will do a little search, gathering information from Disney, holding all the escrow funds, deliver close documents, recording the new deed, etc. Mainly all these things are essential for the legal transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. No doubts, deposits vary from 10-20% of the purchase price are customary. Credit cards are not accepted, but a credit card “purchase check” may be an option.

Once your broker receives the deposit and signed contracts from both the parties and submit it for the Right of First Refusal. Disney has 30 days to implement their Right, but it will take less time, and your Broker will notify you when waiver arrives. Closings average of six weeks, depending on Disney and the Closing Agency. You will receive your closing document from the closing agency one week before your “scheduled” closing. It includes everything you need to sign, including new deed and your final payment as well. When both the parties send everything back to the Closing Agency, they send the original act to be recorded and fax a copy of the Disney. After this, the administration can begin putting you in the DVC Member database. 

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