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Financing your next DVC Resale Purchase

Financing your next DVC Resale Purchase
November 3, 2016 Mark Webb

Financing Your Next DVC Resale Purchase

Financing your next DVC resale purchase may not be something you’ve thought about, but if paying cash isn’t an option for you, it may be worth looking into.

For some, financing may be Preferable

Having cash in hand and sending it to the escrow company at closing is great if you can afford it, but the fact is that many people scrimp and save for months or even years to pay for their DVC membership. If saving has been difficult for you, you may want to consider financing about your purchase.

Financing may allow you to get the vacation package that you otherwise could not afford.  This way you have your choice of premium points and the home resort best suited for your family, rather than settling for a contract that doesn’t work for your family.

Disney Vacation Club Is Not An Investment

Although this statement is true, investing in your family’s future is priceless! If you are planning on taking time away with your family, then you’ll be spending the money on vacation accommodations- whether you rent hotel rooms or purchase those vacation accommodations now.  Disney Vacation Club is like no other. You can rest assured that the quality of your travel experience will never be the same.

If you choose to finance your purchase, make sure your loan does not have additional monthly fees or a prepayment penalty as this adds to the cost and can erase all the savings you made on your original purchase.  You should be able to make your monthly payments on just the principle and interest and add additional principle payments anytime you like.

We have several finance companies listed here on our site. Just click on the “Buying” tab, and you’ll find more information on financing.


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