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DVC Resale - DVC Membership Listings

Are you looking for affordable DVC resale listings? You can save by purchasing your Disney Vacation Club Membership through DVC Sales rather than buying directly from Disney. You’ll experience the same outstanding service for a fraction of the cost.  

As a Disney Vacation Club member, you’ll have access to all 13 Disney Vacation Club Resorts, regardless of which home resort you choose. You become a member by purchasing a real estate interest in a particular DVC Resort. Your real estate interest is represented by a number of points, and you'll use your points to book a reservation at a Disney Vacation Club. How many points do you need? That really depends on the vacation experience you and your family are looking for. Click here for our Vacation Point Calculator. It will help you determine the right number of points for your family. 

Buyers often ask us if it matters which resort they choose as their Home Resort, and the answer is yes. Disney allows members to book a reservation at their Home Resort 11 months ahead, and at 7 months you may call to reserve at any of the 13 Disney Vacation Club Resorts.  

When looking at DVC resale listings, it's important to pay attention to not only the number of points on the contract but also the points available for this year, next year and even last year. If you plan to take a Disney Vacation this year be sure to choose a membership that has plenty of vacation points available at closing. 

At DVC Sales, our listing page will show you the percentage of savings you’ll receive when you buy a resale. Many of the contracts offer savings up to 40%, and sometimes even higher! The first step is to create an account.  As a buyer, you answer some general questions, then you'll want to check our available inventory on the Listing page.  Once you find a contract that suits your family, you can place an offer.  Once your offer is submitted, the seller will be immediately notified. When an agreement is reached, the signed documents will be sent to both Disney and our title company. Any contract purchased on the resale market will need to be approved by Disney and go through the ROFR process. Disney has 30 days to review the contract and decide if they want to step in and buy it themselves, at the agreed upon price. If they waive their right to buy it back, the contract will proceed as planned and you will become a new member of the club!

At any time during your search, feel free to call us at (844) 382-7253. From our website, you can also click on the live chat feature on the bottom of the page.  

Dvc Resale Listings