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As former Disney Vacation Club sales guides, we have 25 years of experience selling directly for The Walt Disney Company. If you are looking to purchase a DVC Resale, you have come to the right place! Whether you're interested in becoming a new DVC member or adding points to an existing membership, we're here to help.

Have you ever taken the time to visit the Disney Vacation Club Sales Center while on vacation at Walt Disney World? You may have fallen in love with DVC and the flexibility of the program and the luxurious accommodations, only to find that it was too expensive to fit into your family’s budget? Since late 1991, when the Disney Vacation Club first opened its sales center at Old Key West, people just like you have been learning how Disney’s version of timeshare is so different from all the rest! Based on a point program, the Vacation Club offers members the flexibility of traveling any time of year, in any size of accommodations based on an annual allotment of points. Back in those days, we were selling for Disney and buyers had the opportunity to purchase for as little as $51/point! Needless to say, that is no longer the case. Today, purchasing a membership directly from Disney will cost you 3 to 4 times that price. What’s your alternative? We have an idea…..

You may be surprised to learn that thousands of contracts are sold on the DVC Resale Market every year. With savings of 30-50%, many buyers are now aware of the option of purchasing a DVC Resale here at DVC Sales.

Take a look at the chart below. It’s easy to see the difference in retail vs. resale.


Sometimes buyers think there must be a big difference in the product and how it works, but in reality, those differences are minimal. There what’s called ‘incidental benefits’, and here is the following is an explanation of those benefits:

    “You will receive the same great service as any other Disney Vacation Club member! You’ll have access to Member Services and to all the DVC Resorts and all of the World Passport Collection Resorts (RCI). The points you purchase on the Resale Market cannot be used towards purchasing Disney Cruises, stays at Disney Hotels (that are not DVC Resorts), Adventures by Disney and the Concierge Collection. These options are not a popular use of points, and many people who are considering vacationing in this way would likely elect to rent out their points and use the cash to pay for their cruise—they often have money left over! Also, note that Disney denotes these options as incidental benefits of Membership and reserves the right to discontinue them at any time regardless of how the membership is purchased.”    

We encourage you to browse our list of current inventory at any time. Our listing page is designed to be easy to search and is set up to enable buyers to quickly find what they’re looking for. The first step is to determine which Home Resort you’re interested in purchasing. Your Home Resort allows you to have priority booking 11 months ahead of your desired travel time, rather than the 7-month reservation window at all other DVC Resorts. To learn more about Home Resort Priority, click here.

One of the most important parts about purchasing a DVC Resale, is determining the right number of points for your family. You may take a look at the point charts under the "Resort" tab, or use the Vacation Point Calculator tool and input a sample vacation on the chart.

Another commonly asked question we hear is regarding financing. You may be able to simply pay cash for your DVC Resale purchase, but if not, we do have finance options available. Of course, you may want to use your bank or access your home equity line, but if those options aren’t available to you, click here to learn more Vacation Club Loans and Monera Financial. These companies are the most popular lenders of timeshare lending.

If you’re ready to start creating magical memories for your family and would like to make an offer on an available listing, simply start by Creating an Account.  You’ll fill out a short questionnaire and once logged in, head over to the listing page to place your offer. If you’re a member already and adding to the size of your current membership, you’ll want to include your member number on the questionnaire. This will help Disney link your current contract(s) with the new one.

We have helped thousands of families just like yours become members of the Disney Vacation Club, and we’re here to help answer any questions you may have about purchasing a DVC Resale. Please contact us at 844-382-7253. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.  

DVC Sales- the name you can trust.   

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