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What is my Membership Worth?

Traditional timeshare is typically worth very little on the resale market. This is not the case if you are a member of the Disney Vacation Club! DVC contracts have held their value and sellers who have owned for more than 3-5 years often sell their contract for more than their original purchase price.

The value of your contract depends on several factors:

  • Home Resort

Some resorts are naturally more desirable than others and home resort priority is important for those who travel at the busier times of year.

  •  Number of Points

Smaller contracts often sell faster and for a higher price per point.  Larger memberships sometimes take a bit longer to sell as there are not as many buyers who can afford the higher purchase price.

  • Available Points

The number of points currently available on a contract is important. When a buyer decides to purchase a DVC membership, they are searching for not only a good price but also a contract with a lot of points currently available.

We offer three ways to assist you in determining the right price for your DVC resale:

1-  You may want to use our Resale Value Calculator tool.  This takes into account all the factors above.

2-  Our current list of Available Inventory is a great resource to see what price other sellers are asking for similar contracts.

3-   Call us! We have helped thousands of families buy and sell Disney Vacation Club memberships and we'd love to help you, too!