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Are you interested in purchasing a DVC by resale? You’ll likely get a great price on a Disney Vacation Club membership when you buy from a member who is looking to sell their points rather than buying directly from Disney.

After a bit of research, most buyers realize how much more cost effective it is to purchase a Disney membership on the resale market. The difference can add up to a significant savings!

With your DVC membership, you’ll have access to resorts all over the world. Of course, your home resort will always allow you priority booking of 11 months in advance of your travel date, verse 7 months ahead at other DVC resorts.

Another important factor in the price of a resale is the number of points that are available for current use. Check not only this year and next year points, but last years as well.  This is an important factor when determining the price you're willing to pay for a DVC membership.  

To learn more about a DVC by resale, just click on the FAQ's for new members.  We can help you find the right contract at a price that works for your budget. You can buy a membership or make an offer right on our website or call us at any time along the way. The first step is to create an account- then you'll be on your way! Buy the Disney Vacation Club membership your family will love for years to come at a price you’ll truly appreciate.

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