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Many people who are contemplating the purchase of a Disney Vacation Club  membership find they are able to save a significant amount of money with buying a DVC resale with savings of up to 45% off of the cost of buying directly from Disney, this can translate to thousands of dollars less in the purchase of a membership.

If you haven’t thought about buying a DVC resale, what’s keeping you from doing so?  Members sell their DVCs for a variety of reasons. Often children have grown and the parents begin vacationing in other places. For some, they are no longer financially able to keep up with their membership. For whatever reason a member decides to sell, buyers can get a great prices for memberships at are listed anywhere from 10% to 45% off the cost of buying directl.

Buyers have two options when they shop with us at DVC Sales. Some buyers decide on the number of points they need to take their family on vacation every year and then purchase those points at a savings. Other buyers decide to spend the same amount they originally planned, and buy more points. Either way, you’ll always get more for your money when you buy a Disney Vacation Club resale at DVC Sales.

People often ask us about renting points before they buy. Somewhere along the line, members who were unable to sell their memberships decided they could rent them out and make a partial recovery on their membership The problem with renting is twofold: First, you’re paying for something that has no lasting value. Once you use the points they’re gone and your money is gone as well. Second, you’re putting your trust in a total stranger. If they should fail to keep up with their membership, the points you rented are worthless.

We don’t think renting points is a good idea. Put that money toward points that will renew year after year, leaving you with lasting value that you can count on. Purchasing on the secondary market not only saves you money, it also means less risk should decide to sell your membership later. 

A Disney World Vacation Club resale is the best value for your money when it comes to buying points toward a vacation. You can enjoy immediate savings or purchase a better membership with more points you’ll be able to use year after year.

Why not take a look at the DVC memberships available at You can search their inventory for free to see what’s available any time of the day or night. If you have any questions along the way, check out our FAQ page or call us at (844) 382-7253 to speak with someone who can help you make the best choice when it comes to buying a Disney World Vacation Club resale.

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