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Disney Vacation Club Resale

November 28, 2018

Disney Vacation Club Resale

Are you interested in learning more about purchasing a Disney Vacation Club Resale? As former Disney Vacation Club sales guides, we have 25 years of experience selling directly for the Walt Disney Company. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of families join the Club- we’d love to help you, too!

How is Disney Different?

Since 1991, the Walt Disney Company has been selling memberships into the Disney Vacation Club. DVC offers a unique approach to timeshare ownership. The flexibility of a Disney membership is because of a point program. It allows members to travel with their families any time of year to various size accommodations. Currently, members have access to 14 Disney Vacation Club. Resorts at not only Walt Disney World but other locations including Hawaii, California, South Carolina and Vero Beach, Florida. Also, DVC members have access to thousands of resorts all over the world through Resort Condominiums International (RCI).

Retail vs. Resale

The cost of a DVC Membership varies based on many factors; such as home resort, size of the contract, and current points availability. Annual dues and resort expiration dates also tend to be factors for buyers who purchase resale contracts. Click here to learn more about Resort Expiration Dates and Annual Dues. The primary reason for the popularity of purchasing a Disney Vacation Club Resale is the price! Often, buyers who purchase DVC contract on the resale market save as much as 20-50% rather than purchasing directly from Disney.


Animal Kingdom $171 38
Aulani $182 43
Bay Lake Tower $191 41
Beach Club $185 23
Boardwalk $171 23
Boulder Ridge $171 23
Copper Creek $182 49
Grand CA $235 41
Grand Floridian $220 45
Hilton Head $121 23
Old Key West $151 23
Old Key West(57) $151 38
Polynesian $220 47
Saratoga Springs $151 35
Vero Beach $100 23

Purchasing a Disney Vacation Club resale is much cheaper than purchasing from Disney. Thus buyers often think there must be a big difference in the product and how it works. In reality, the differences are minimal. They’re what’s called ‘incidental benefits,’ and the following is an explanation of those benefits:

“You will receive the same great service as any other Disney Vacation Club member! You’ll have access to Member Services and all the DVC Resorts and all of the World Passport Collection Resorts (RCI). The points purchase on the Resale Market cannot be used towards purchasing Disney Cruises, stays at Disney Hotels (that are not DVC Resorts), Adventures by Disney and the Concierge Collection. These options are not a popular use of points. Many people who are considering vacationing in this way would likely elect to rent out their points. With the extra cash left over, use that to pay for their cruise. Also, note that Disney denotes these options as incidental benefits of Membership. Disney reserves the right to discontinue them at any time regardless of how the membership is purchased.”

Other Helpful Tools

We hope that you’ll browse our list of current Available Inventory. Our listing page is designed to easily searched. It is set-up to enable buyers to find what they’re looking for quickly. The first step is to determine which Home Resort you’re interested in purchasing. Your Home Resort allows you to have priority booking 11 months ahead of your desired travel time, rather than the 7-month reservation window at other DVC Resorts. To learn more about Home Resort Priority, click here.

You may be like many buyers and unsure of how many DVC points you need for your family. If so, click here for our Vacation Point Calculator. There input a ‘sample’ vacation that your family may take. The calculator will tabulate the number of points required for each resort in all sizes of accommodations. This is helpful as you can tailor this example to your family to determine an approximate number of points needed annually.

Financing your Disney Vacation Club Resale

The least expensive option when purchasing a DVC resale is to pay cash. For many, this is not an option. There are two companies that specialize in timeshare lending, Monera Financial and Vacation Club Loans.  Click the links to learn more about each company and what they require to finance your DVC membership. Both companies are wonderful to work with and have excellent customer service. We encourage you to learn more about each company to find which is best for you.

Are ready to start creating magical memories for you and your family? Go ahead and make an offer on an available listing. Start by Creating an Account.  You’ll fill out a brief survey and when logged in, visit the listing page to place your offer. Just click on the ‘plus’ sign to see more details on the specific listing that interests you. If you’re a current member and increasing the size of your current membership, Please include your member number on the questionnaire. By doing this will help Disney link your current contract(s) with the new one.

Our team has helped thousands of families just like yours become members of the Disney Vacation Club. We’re here to help answer any questions you may have about purchasing a Disney Vacation Club Resale. Please contact us at 844-382-7253. We look forward to working with you!   

Experience Matters

If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing a membership into the Disney Vacation Club, we are here to help! Over the past 25 years, our team has helped thousands of families become DVC members, and we help you, too. You can save as much as 40% when purchasing a resale over buying directly from Disney. Aside from a few incidentals benefits, you’re buying the same membership as those who paid retail.

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