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Are you looking to purchase a Disney Vacation Club resale for your family? You’ve come to the right place! You can save as much as 40% when purchasing a resale over buying directly from Disney. Aside from a few incidentals benefits, you’re buying the same membership as those who paid retail.  

With a DVC resale, you’ll own a real estate interest in a particular resort. You’ll still have access to all 13 of the Disney Vacation club resorts, but receive special priority when booking at your home resort. Members may book their Home Resort as much as 11 months ahead, while at any other DVC Resort, a member may call 7 months in advance. Annual dues vary depending on the member’s home resort as well.

As a DVC member, you’ll receive an annual allotment of points that will be used to book your reservation.  You can use the points, bank them into the next year, or even borrow from a year ahead. The flexibility of the point system is one of the biggest perks of owning a DVC Membership! 

Members love that their points will never decrease in value. Although the point charts change from year to year based on seasonal demand, the overall value of the points will never change….they’re inflation-proof! If Disney increases vacation points by 6 points in one particular week of the year, those 6 points will be subtracted from another place on the chart that year. That’s a Disney guarantee!

To learn more about owning a Disney Vacation Club resale, just click on our ‘buying’ tab or call (844) 382-7253. We have over 25 years of experience selling directly for the Disney Vacation Club.

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By purchasing a Disney Vacation Club Membership through resale, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all  14 DVC properties. Like all members, you will have the benefits of  Home Resort Priority, you’ll have access to Member Services and can book your family vacation by phone or online. The biggest benefit of purchasing a DVC resale rather than buying directly from Disney is the price–you will save 20%-50% off retail pricing!  Members can also enjoy the thousands of resort options around the world through Resort Condominiums International (RCI). 

Once you find the contract that best suits your family, simply create an account.  When logged in, you’ll head over to the Listings page and press the plus sign to start the offer process. After you’ve submitted your offer, the seller will receive an automated email. Once you reach an agreement, you’ll sign the sales agreement electronically and we will forward the contract to Disney for ROFR. When we receive a response from Disney on the right of first refusal, you will be notified and our title company will begin generating your closing documents. From start to finish, the closing process takes about 45 days. 

How To Sell DVC

We’re here to help make selling Disney Vacation Club memberships easy! The first step is to create an account. We’ll need some basic information about you and your contract and you’ll have your DVC points listed within about 5 minutes. We have several hundred visitors to our site daily and most contracts sell within about 30 days depending upon Home Resort, size of membership and current availability of points. We have a Resale Value Calculator to assist you in selecting an appropriate price for your contract on the resale market, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Once you reach an agreement with a buyer, it takes about 45 days to close on the sale.  

Why DVC Sales?

Experience matters. Our team spent over 25 years selling DVC memberships directly for the Disney Vacation Club. We have created a user-friendly website to make it easy to gather the information necessary to either buy a Disney Vacation Club resale or sell your DVC points.  For buyers, we have a vacation point calculator to help determine not only which Home Resort is right for you but how many points you may need.  Most importantly, we’re here to help- whether you’re looking to buy a DVC resale or sell your Disney membership. 


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