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  • Disney Vacation Club Price Increase

    by Mark Webb
  • What is Use Year?

    When purchasing a Disney contract, it’s necessary to understand the importance of your Use Year. This is the time...

  • resale

    Resale vs. Retail

    The biggest difference in purchasing a resale from DVC Sales versus buying directly from the Disney Vacation Club is...

    by Mark Webb
  • ROFR

    What is ROFR, and why is it a Good Thing?

    What is ROFR, and why is it a good thing? ROFR stands for Right of First Refusal. Disney has...

    by Mark Webb
  • Financing

    Financing your next DVC Resale Purchase

    Financing Your Next DVC Resale Purchase Financing your next DVC resale purchase may not be something you’ve thought about,...

    by Mark Webb