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Can you sell your Disney Vacation Club membership?

September 26, 2019

You have a full right to sell your interest in the Disney Vacation Club, just like real estate property. A very few people choose to sell their homes without expert help from real state agents, and it works the same with selling your DVC membership. Numerous people use licensed real estate companies that specialize in sales of timeshares. No doubt, brokers will take a commission up to 7-10% for selling your DVC contract. 

The best thing is you will get a good return on your investment as compared to other timeshares. DVC contracts have higher resale rates than others. There is no confirmation that you will make money on the sale, but, surely, you won’t experience any loss when selling traditional timeshares.

Most of the people love their DVC membership, but sometimes many people do decide to sell their membership time to time due to some reasons. Best DVC resale always helps to provide the best price while selling your DVC membership  

What do you do if you want to sell?

You can sell your DVC membership using two options. The first option is to sell your contract back to Disney. If they decide to repurchase it, it is confirmed that you will be paid well below market value for your vacation points. Another preferable option is to use a resale broker. Resale brokers are licensed real estate agents, and it is a mandatory requirement to sell your timeshares. 

The process consists of following simple steps:

1. You can contact a resale broker and give them the detail of your contract, such as, use year, home resort, how many points you own, the current status of your points, etc. 

2. After getting this information, the agent will advise you regarding selling your contract based on the current market.

3. Once you have agreed on the offered price of your membership, the agent will send you an agreement via email. You need to fill the necessary information, fax or scan the document and email it back to the broker. 

4. After receiving it, the broker confirms the points with Dinsey and will also discuss final details regarding pricing. Once it is completed, they will list your package. 

It mainly takes less than 30 days to find a good broker. Once a broker is found, the closing process takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete the whole process. When the package closes, the title company will overnight a certified check to you for the proceeds of the sale. The selling cost of your contact is around 8.5% commission paid to the broker along with $150 fees charged by Disney at closing time. If your contract does not sell, you will not charge for any type of the fees. When anyone Buy DVC Resales Market, there are various factors that need to be addressed carefully to get the best results. DVC Resale 2019 has been represented this business of buying and selling of DVC since 1993. They do not charge upfront fees, and handle all of the sale elements such as find a buyer, listing, contract advertisement, collect all your required documents.

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