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Can you rent DVC points?

September 21, 2019

DVC is an acronym for Disney Vacation Club. Disney offers timeshare and people can own it through the Disney Club. These timeshares associate with the Disney Vacation Club resorts. These resorts are known as Deluxe Villa consisting of studios, one-bedroom, two bedrooms, and Grand Villas. Owners can use villas for the whole year. The number of days to use timeshare depends on how big of a share they own. There are numerous ways to handle lodging for a Disney World vacation, and renting DVC points from DVC member is one of them. DVC members can buy a bank of points that they can use every year. Some members don’t use all of their points and look to rent them out to vacationers on their way to the Magic Kingdom.

Why Rent DVC Points?

Renting DVC points is like paying the standard price for the luxury stay. You can easily rent DVC points to stay in a deluxe resort and paying the same price as booking a Disney World moderate resort. Thus, the perks of a Disney Vacation Club rental can make your trip much more enjoyable. The Disney Vacation Club Villas allow families to access all of the magnificent Disney World facilities such as extra magic hours, Transportation facilities, etc., on an affordable budget. The extra benefit that you will get by renting DVC points is free parking for owners and their guests who are using DVC points. Therefore, renting DVC points means you are saving a considerable amount of money during your stay. You can also buy the DVC points for sale to avail the best opportunities during your Disney vacation. 

How to Rent DVC points?

As we have seen how much it is beneficial to rent DVC points, but you must know that whether renting DVC points are useful for you or not?

You can rent points from any professional services such as DVC sales as they have 25 years of experience in this field. Furthermore, you can also rent directly from the owner. Individual charges can vary as compared to professional services. Sometimes, renting points directly from the individual is not secure. You are dealing with a person who has authority to control your reservation, and they can make changes without your permission or even cancel it. Here are a few tips when booking directly with a DVC owner:

 1. Get help from the Disboards, a popular Disney message board. They have a forum, especially for those who are looking to rent out their points. For this, you must be an active member of the Disboards community, or you can pay to access the list of the limited numbers of times per year.

 2. Do your research. Take help from Google and search for the person as much as you can from whom you are renting points. Track them on social media and ask them for the references from the previous renters. 

 3. Always try to pay your DVC rental with a credit card that offers some level of protection.

 4. Do not forget to purchase a travel insurance policy that covers a potential cancellation outside of your control, such as a medical issue.

Apart from it, you can also buy DVC resale 2019if you do not want to rent DVC pointsIt means you are purchasing a membership from any person who has purchased this ownership interest from Disney and due to some reasons decided to sell their ownership.

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