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Can you finance DVC?

October 11, 2019

It is true that not all Disney Vacation Club Membership bought directly from Disney. Many members choose this scheme to save money while still enjoying the benefits of the club by buying DVC Resale on the market.  The primary flexibility of DVC’s point system means as a member, and you got the keys to unlock various magical vacations coast to coast and beyond instead of sharing the same timeshare.

Disney Vacation Club purchased through resale allows spending holidays at all 15 different DVC resorts and thousands of resorts as well with your families. You can choose these options around the world through RCI. Disney Vacation club works differently from the traditional timeshare set up where you can purchase an amount of time and date range. On the other hand, point-based DVC allows members to exchange points for stays at different resorts. Different resorts and various seasons per year can affect numbers of points a night’s stay costs. Therefore, choosing the right size Membership is the key to finding a magical fit for you and your family.

Disney Vacation Club Financing Options 

DVC membership is like a dream come true for various current owners, but the realization of this dream needs a significant financial obligation. Therefore, for many financing is the only way to make purchasing Disney Club Vacation affordable while for others, financing can reduce the burden of the substantial initial costs. You can finance the DVC in the following ways:

1. Financing a DVC Purchase through Disney

This option is considered only if purchase DVC membership directly from the Disney. Buying Disney Vacation Club directly is more expensive as compared to the buyer from the DVC Resale Market.  So, financing may be a necessity. Unfortunately, financing cost through DVC is more costly, but the benefits are that DVC loans do not appear on the credit checks and its rates could be lower down by refinancing through another lender.

To purchase DVC from the Top DVC Resale market opens up various extra financing options that are not available when buying directly from Disney. There will be purchasing costs, which falls beyond the scope of the loan. This closing cost will still need to pay to the Title Company and maintenance fees must be paid to the Disney. Most of the buyers also concerned about financing and how Disney’s ROFR put impact over it. Luckily, if you submit a loan application but the sale falls subject to ROFR the loan will not go into effect, and there will be no loan origination fee.

Vacation Club Loans

Vacation Club and Timeshare resort financing is easy and fast these days. It does not matter what brand you are choosing to purchase; you can get a low-interest rate and easy approval through leading timeshare financing company available in all 50 states. Rates are starting from 9.9% APR based on the creditworthiness.

• Rates are starting from 9.9% APR based on the creditworthiness.
• A loan origination fee of only $179 due at closing.
• No mortgage fee charged. Save more than $100
• No hidden fees or monthly payments
• Finance up to 80% of your purchase
• Easy and quick approval process.
• Five years of finance methods

To estimate the cost of Membership, you can visit our website for calculating financing calculator.

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