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What is the Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation model which uses a point system based on a real estate interest. It’s similar to a timeshare, in that when you purchase a membership you own an interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort. The interest you hold then generates an annual allotment of points based on the size of the interest purchased. The time of year that you receive your points is called the Use Year. This yearly time frame is not to be confused with the calendar year.

The points you earn each “Use Year” are what you spend to take a vacation. Mant variable determines point values, including:

Choice of the resort: Each resort has a value based upon its location, resort type, and the amenities offered.

Size of accommodations: A deluxe studio will cost fewer points than a three bedroom Grand Villa.

Length of stay: Needless to say, the longer you stay, the more points it will cost your family.

Time of year: Each destination will cost more points in the high season as compared to offseason.

Understanding how the points work

One of the biggest perks of owning a Membership with the Disney Vacation Club is the flexibility of the point system. Points earned this year can be banked and added to next year’s points, giving you a more substantial sum to spend for a greater vacation experience. Alternatively, points from next year can be borrowed against and added to your current balance- enabling you to increase the value of your Disney experience in the current Use Year. Another way to increase point earnings is to purchase an additional interest in a DVC Resort.

Overall, points are the vehicle through which you use your membership. You pay a one-time purchase price, and with that, you will receive an annual allotment of points for a predetermined number of years. That predetermined number of years depends upon the Home Resort you choose to purchase. The points that you earn are the currency that pays for your vacation. In essence, it’s similar to a cell phone plan. You buy minutes, and use those minutes as currency for your phone use. Those minutes can then be rolled over with a cellular phone plan. The concept is similar except, points can be carried over for a maximum of two years only. Instead of having to pay with a credit card at the front desk, you use the points you’ve earned through your membership.

Using your points

A point chart is available to provide the point values of each of the resorts at different times of the year. During peak season, you’ll notice the point value increases. Whereas during the slower off-season you’ll see that the value of points decreases. Disney does this to ensure an even demand for vacation time, keeping DVC Resorts comfortably booked year round. The point charts will enable you to choose the best time of year for your family to travel. It will also show you the differences you can expect when staying in different size accommodations during peak or off-season.

Points are Inflation Proof

One of the most significant advantages of a Disney Vacation Club Membership over conventional travel is that the points will never decrease in value. There will never be a cost increase. The point charts do adjust each year based on seasonal demand, and as the calendar changes, but the overall value of your points are inflation-proof. So, if the vacation points increase by 6 points in a particular week of the year, then 6 points will be subtracted from someplace else on the chart that year. That is a DVC guarantee!

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